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My Pregnancy Journey

Having been married for nine years and turned the big 3-0, I knew I always wanted to be a mom but wasn’t sure if I was totally ready for all the changes that a baby can bring. It was uncharted waters and with that comes apprehension and fear of the unknown. Sure, my family members and friends were all mothers of multiple children but the question that kept creeping in was- am I truly ready? Well in early November 2011 ready or not, the pregnancy test read two lines! I was shocked and overwhelmed with emotions. Speechless, I walked into the room and tried to tell my husband but no words came out. Finally after the numbness wore off which by that point, he thought something was majorly wrong with me, I uttered the words, I’m pregnant! He quickly gathered me up in his arms and reassured me that everything was going to work out although my mind started to race with doubts.  Am I going to be a good mom? Can we afford a child? What hospital do I choose? Midwife or Doctor? Can I handle the pain of childbirth?

“One area that I thankfully didn’t have to question was nutrition and supplementation.

I have always strived to eat a healthy organic diet and consuming the Core Health Pack has enabled those gaps to be filled where my diet may have lacked.

Finding out I was carrying a little one made me analyze my diet even closer and look at what additional supplementation were needed to sustain the proper growth and development of my baby. After scouring the shelves of local health food stores, I came to the realization that the majority of prenatal vitamins contained synthetic and fractioned ingredients which would only rob my body further of the crucial nutrients needed at this time. I was appalled when the midwife I started to see in the beginning of my pregnancy gave me her recommended prenatal which was a huge tablet containing every altered vitamin and mineral concocted in a laboratory. It’s no wonder a huge majority of pregnant women have nausea, upset stomach, constipation, fatigue and the list goes on.  The nutrients or the lack thereof in the majority of prenatal vitamins are not in a usable, whole food state so your body does not recognize them and therefore will have to work even harder to process, filter and utilize the minuet ingredients causing an overload on the liver, kidneys, GI tract and so on. Iron, being one of the crucial minerals needed for hemoglobin production, is most often derived from inorganic mineral salts which have an extremely low absorption rate. Higher dosages coupled with little absorbency are one of the contributing causes of constipation. So I decided early on that the best route for me and my developing baby was to consume three packets a day of the Core Health Pack and boost my diet with superfoods and greens (lots of them!).  Following that regime, I didn’t have any negative pregnancy symptoms and I was amazed at how much energy I had throughout the nine months.

The good essential fatty acids, known as omega’s, played an important role for me in my pregnancy. I have never been a big fan of fish so to make sure I was getting the good fats into my diet, I would consume olive oil, coconut oil, almonds and avocados like nobody’s business. Through my research, I discovered that  even though those foods had amazing properties, the fat conversion wasn’t comparable to fish- in particular krill, a shrimp like crustacean. The omega 3 fats found in krill have a much higher absorption rate due to the fat structure resembling the cell membrane of the body. This is critical to note because these fats are needed for the nervous system and brain development of the baby. They also have a huge benefit to the mom as well with lowering the risk of pre-eclampsia, early delivery and postpartum depression. Even while breast feeding, omega’s are striped from the mothers diet for the breast milk production. The Core EFA’s was a perfect choice for me with easy to swallow gel capsules that didn’t leave me with fish burps.

Another aspect that allowed me to have a wonderful pregnancy was drinking high alkaline, micro-clustered water. To fully understand why alkaline water in particular is so vastly important, here is an excerpt from Reverse Aging by Sang Whang. “When a woman gets pregnant, she loses quite a bit of alkaline minerals to the fetus. The fetus stays in a water bag (placenta) for 9 months, until the water breaks. During that time, the fetus receives nutrients through the umbilical cord for energy and growth. When the nutrients are burnt, they create acidic wastes, which the fetus must discharge into the placenta. Since the mother’s blood vessels are not connected to the fetus’ blood vessels, her blood vessels cannot carry out the wastes that the fetus makes.

In the early stage of the pregnancy, mother’s body loses alkaline minerals to the placenta to make sure that the adequate amounts of alkaline minerals are there to neutralize all the acidic discharges from fetus for the next 9 months. This causes her blood to become acidic rather suddenly, which is the cause of morning sickness, as discovered by Japanese doctors. This is why drinking alkaline water immediately relieves morning sickness.

If the mother had adequate alkaline reserve, i.e., plenty of alkaline mineral supply in the form of alkaline buffer in the blood, she would not even have morning sickness. Otherwise, not only would she have a severe case of morning sickness, but the placenta will not have enough alkaline minerals to neutralize all the acidic discharges from the fetus during the pregnancy. In this case, the baby’s chance of having jaundice upon birth is very high.

Before a woman becomes pregnant, she should drink ample amount of alkaline water to avoid morning sickness and have a healthy baby. Without enough alkaline minerals, the woman ages considerably during pregnancy and may experience all kinds of post-delivery problems, such as those mentioned above. I know a woman who lost her teeth after delivery, because she lost so much calcium to the new-born during pregnancy.”

Having known how important it was to hydrate my cells properly, I strived to drink ½ my body weight in ounces daily. At one of my prenatal appointments with my new midwife, she was surprised to see that my pH of one of the tests was alkaline whereas the norm is always pretty acidic due to the baby’s demand of the alkalinizing minerals. My ketones were also in perfect range because of the increased enzymes I was consuming.

I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of being pregnant. It just amazed me to know that I was carrying the precious gift of life inside of me. At 15 weeks, I felt the first little flutters and by 19 weeks, we discovered our first child would be a boy. Our families were ecstatic especially our five nephews who would have another playmate. We couldn’t wait to meet him, hold him and see who he looked more like.

At about this time, I started to research how to have the most natural, holistic birth and it became clear to me which way I was to deliver. I wanted to have a peaceful environment and one where I could choose how to labor without unnecessary intervention so a midwife assisted home birth was my final conclusion. It was a perfect fit to my lifestyle and I was also a good candidate with a very low risk pregnancy. I knew it would not be easy but instead probably the hardest challenge I have ever done thus far. The thought that God designed my body to birth a baby and up until about 100 years ago, all babies were born at home gave me the peace to know that I too could achieve my dream.

The anticipation was building and I had so much to accomplish before I wanted him to be born. Painting projects, completion of the nursery and putting together all the baby apparatuses seemed overwhelming and I prayed that I had more time as my due date of July 19th was fast approaching. The week of July 9th rolled around and things started to feel differently and signs started to show that this baby was coming quicker than anticipated. Contractions started on and off for a few days leading up to that Thursday when the waves started to become consistent.  During that evening and into the wee hours of Friday, my husband and I made all the preparations needed. We blew up the birthing tub as I was planning on a water birth and then laid tarps throughout the whole house just in case. I couldn’t sleep; my mind was racing with thoughts of things to come. The contractions were steady and manageable.

Friday morning came and my doula arrived at 8:00am. We walked my street up and down timing my contractions. They stayed at 5 minutes apart. I used the birthing ball to help open up my hips and provide some relief. By midday, I was anxious to get into the warm water that awaited me. It felt wonderful and took the edge off the contractions. At this point, I could still breathe through each wave and actually thought this isn’t bad at all, I can handle it. My midwife and her apprentice arrived at our home around 9:00pm as they had been at another home birth all day keeping tabs on how I was progressing. Relieved that they had arrived, the intensity was growing stronger and I needed all the support surrounding me. I felt that it would still be awhile but I should be a good ways along so I asked to be checked even though I was advised to wait. I couldn’t; I was dying to know! I tried to prepare myself for disappointment and disappointed was I when my progression was only about 1-2 centimeters but was almost 100% effaced.

At that point, I understood why everyone said birth is a marathon! I was just at the first hurdle and had so much longer to go. Just as runner prepares for a race, I had prepared my body for birth by providing the necessary nutrients all along the way. Exercise was also a part of my regime. Each day I alternated between weights, resistance training and light cardio even up to a few weeks beforehand. My muscles were prepared for the marathon. I tried to prepare mentally as birthing is not only a physical journey but an emotional, spiritual and mental one as well. I had no idea the extent of will power I was capable of yielding once I let go of control.

By Saturday morning, I was 5 centimeters. Exhaustion started to set in and I doubted if I could continue along this never ending journey but I feared the alternative at this point. Having come so far on my own, I was determined to not give up. My competitive spirit took over and I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. I had a renewed drive to complete this marathon because the trophy of holding my precious son was almost within my grasp. This was when the phase of transition happened and with each contraction, the intensity heightened to new levels but thankfully I had moments of rest in between. My team of midwifes, doula and my husband stayed by my side during this whole time and offered strength, support and encouragement to help me surpass each hurdle. I couldn’t have done it without them. Midway through the day, I requested my water to be broken as I could feel it was becoming a hindrance. Not too long after, the urge to push came over me.

All I could think about was getting back into the water for the soothing affects it had on me. Digging deeper inside I managed to find more strength to pull me through this last lap of my marathon. By this time, 36 hours had pasted since the beginning of consistent contractions but it felt like forever. The finish line was in sight and this baby was coming fast. With each wave, my body took over and the powerful muscles that held my boy for nine months now were working overtime to release him. I gave it all I had and in a mere 20 some minutes, my son was entering this world. With loving arms, I swooped him up from the water and held him against my chest. Our eyes met and for a moment time stood still. Again, I was speechless. It was as if we both knew we had waited our whole lives for this very moment. Reilly Michael Bailey arrived on Saturday, July 14th at 7:24pm weighing 6lbs 12oz and was 20” long. His birth was so peaceful and just how I had envisioned it. We rejoiced with his first cry and were amazed at how he quieted once he heard my voice. I just couldn’t believe what had happened, my son was finally here and I had accomplished the longest, hardest journey of my life- Praise God!

My husband and I soaked in this moment as long as we could. It was glorious! After some time and once the cord blood was fully pumped into Reilly, I birthed the placenta which was saved for encapsulation. As my midwife was attending to Reilly, we noticed that his breathing didn’t quite seem right. Due to the fact that he was delivered quickly, his lungs didn’t have enough time to expel the amniotic fluid that had been residing there in utero. Wanting to be cautious, we went to the hospital where he was fully examined and found to be absolutely perfect. He coughed up the remaining fluid and was good to go back home. What a whirlwind event! It was long, exhausting and not picture perfect but our son was here and healthy. I was finally a mom and although there have been good days and bad days, it is the most fulfilling job ever.

My Pregnancy Protocol:

  1. Core Health Pack– 3 packets daily with mealsall-product-image
    This provides all the necessary whole food nutrients and antioxidants along with chelated minerals, pre and probiotics with broad spectrum digestive enzymes. Two packets are the recommended daily dosage for an adult and the additional third packet is for the growing baby!
  2. Core EFA– 3 gel capsules daily with meals
    Two gel capsules are the recommended daily dosage for an adult but again that third capsule is for the developing baby so the mother’s body isn’t depleted of this crucial fat.
  3. Digestive Health– 1 capsule with high protein snacks
    Increased protein intake is important during pregnancy as it provides the building blocks for the baby’s cells. Digesting that protein is just as important otherwise the utilization is extremely low and there again will create deficiencies in the mother. Enzymes are also needed for proper nutrient delivery and oxygenation which is essential to the growing baby.
  4. Heart Health– 1-2 capsules daily on an empty stomach (preferably before a workout)
    Proper fat digestion is critical for both the mother and baby. With increased caloric intake, utilization of those nutrients is key. It is not about eating for two and gorging on whatever comes to mind but instead increasing and properly digesting the healthy foods already consumed. In the end, you want to have a healthy baby and not too much left over baby weight- let’s be honest. Taking the Heart Health allowed me to gain the proper 25-30 pounds during my pregnancy which after delivery, the extra pounds are coming off easily.
  5. Joint Health– on an as needed basis
    Aches and pains accompany pregnancy and Joint Health helps to alleviate inflammation and swelling throughout the body. It was a huge help for me as with the heat of the summer, my ankles became kankles.
  6. Alkaline water– ½- ¾ of your body weight in ounces daily
  7. Chiropractic Care– Proper alignment not only helped my body during the 9 months of carrying my son, but also during the delivery process. I personally was adjusted every 3-4 weeks  and now Reilly gets     adjusted to keep his spine aligned properly which plays a huge role in development and immunity.
  8. Increasing raw, organic fruits and vegetables along with multiple green foods like our Core Greens and chlorophyll- this gave me added energy during labor as food became unappealing.
  9. Pregnancy Tea throughout the nine months and Alfalfa during the last 6 weeks. Organic herbs, teas and tinctures- Go HERE

I hope through my journey that you are inspired to research all there is to offer in having a natural holistic pregnancy and birth. I don’t have all the answers but do love to share what has worked for me. If you have questions, I would love to answer them! Email me at:

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