Slash the Fat with this regime

Before beginning any new work-out routine, it is imperative that you take a look at your nutritional intake to make sure you are giving your body what it needs first so you can sustain a great work-out and see results! Remember, it is not about what you consume but more importantly, what you digest! With reaching your weight loss goals, the key to

keep in mind is fat cannot be burned until it is first digested. We address fat digestion with our powerful Heart Health product, created with high amounts of the lipase enzyme and supporting co-factors to digest and rid the body of excess stored fat in the blood and tissues. Check out Tricia’s story for more details on how she lost 85lbs using Heart Health and alkaline water.

Now that we have addressed the first step in slashing the fat, let’s understand how to properly work-out to optimize our fat burning, muscle building capacity without sacrificing a ton of time. Ashley McTucker, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Model and Core Health Products Representative, has made it her mission to help and assist others to be in the best mental and physical shape of their lives through her coaching, nutritional planning and specific workout routines. It works and she is a living testimony of it. Ashley has graciously offered to share her knowledge and expertise with us on the best Fat Busting Workout Routine!

Working out for a limited amount of time is imperative to understand as you begin your new fitness routine.

As always, consult with your physician before beginning any new work-out especially for the all the newbies out there.

My approach with my clients is quite simple and can be accomplished with limited equipment either at home or at a gym. Before we discuss the specifics, let me first address what I call “the beginners ignorance of research” when it comes to cardio and the damaging effects of over training.

Chronic Cardio, as Mark Sisson who is the author of The Primal Blueprint calls it, is a former triathlete who for years put wear and tear on his body to “become better.” He was used to running and training for hours on end daily, but when it was over, he was tired and had created within himself a “catabolic burn out.” There was no energy left to give for anything else and as he says “When I looked like a picture of health, I was really one of overstress and inflammation. I was the fittest guy my friends knew, yet I suffered from recurring bouts of fatigue, osteoarthritis in both my feet, severe tendinitis in my hip joints, stress-related gastrointestinal maladies, and six or more upper respiratory tract infections each year.” Who wants to live like that?

A catabolic burn out is simply this, when you work out for an extended or long period of time, your body starts to use up its preferred sources of energy which are glycogen and glucose, two things necessary to ensure you a great workout with enough energy to walk afterwards. When you “burn out” it starts breaking down the muscle tissue in order to burn the PROTEIN found in the muscle and not the FAT you want to burn in your body. The same thing happens when you let your body go into starvation mode by not feeding it every 3 hours. The stress hormone CORTISOL is released and causes your body to believe you are starving so it begins to eat your muscles. Recent studies have shown that the majority of people who go to the gym on a daily basis are burning more protein and carbohydrates than they are fat- just the opposite of why they are going to the gym! They are also causing more lactic acid build up which can be prevented by the proper proteolytic enzymes as in our Digestive Health product.

Consider this, when we eat meat, we aren’t eating fat; we’re consuming muscle because that meat contains the protein our bodies desire to be properly nourished. Hence the infamous “Protein Shakes” people drink which they typically are only able to break down and digest half the amount of protein contained in them. Without the proper digestive enzymes, the body cannot process high amounts of protein needed to sustain such high intensity muscle blasting work-outs.

Chronic Cardio or Over Exertion is the cause of the overlooked catabolic breakdown. In believing you need to run for miles upon miles every day or complete a crazy work-out like in spin class, then move onto something else after that, you are burning yourself out and you ARE WORKING AGAINST YOUR BODY.


If you fall into this category of people, you are most likely seeing NO RESULTS after about 6 weeks, hurting inside but refuse to address it or have it checked out, hungrier and consume more carbohydrates as they are the energy source for one’s body to be productive throughout the day, losing strength so putting you in charge of a dumbbell or weight machine is out of the question. Chronic cardio causes increased production of cortisol. You are significantly stressing your body out inside if this is the training you are immersed in. Your CNS (Central Nervous System) is in retardation mode and not functioning at the capacity it was created to do. From fatigue, immune suppression (i.e. creates inability to fight off sickness) loss of bone density (which is critical to have if you’re a fan of keeping your bones intact) and fat metabolism changes. Everything is working against you and there will be no further changes for the betterment of your body if you continue to stay where you are. You have more of a chance becoming sick or breaking bones than those of us who make sure all areas of fitness are incorporated in our daily routines. A 20 minute High Intensity Interval Training (better known as HIIT Training) can be done in place of chronic cardio and  burn 9 times MORE fat throughout your day than your normal routine of cardio routine after cardio routine after cardio routine.

Below is a video to see how HIIT Training works. It is made by my very good friend Carter Irvin, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Kettlebell Instructor. It is the best fat burner aside from Tabata. With interval training, you burn fat for 48 hours after you finish, leaving your body with your precious muscle mass intact. Think of cave men. They often shot off in sprints from predators who wanted to  eat them. They needed to be in great shape so they could outrun something if their life was in danger. They also ate off the fat of the land, so the nutrients they were consuming were alive and could be utilized by the body and help it to burn fat because of the natural digestive enzymes they got every day. With our diets today, it is a must for me and my clients to be taking Heart Health for proper fat digestion and Digestive Health for proper overall digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the foods we eat.

Watch Carter battle the ropes with HIIT Training Method:

HIIT TRAINING LAYOUT: Use a timer like the gymboss ( or a stop watch.

  • Warm Up for 3 minutes with a light walk or use a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical or step mill
  • Begin first 15 second interval as soon as the 3 minute mark hits (which means start going as fast as you can on whatever equipment of your choosing)
  • Slow down to 45 seconds of moderate speed for recovery before the next interval
  • Repeat steps 2 & 3 11-14 more times for a total of 12 or 15 intervals
  • Cool down for 3-5 minutes with a light pace

HIIT cardio increases your metabolism for the entire 48 hours and keeps you burning fat at a steady rate, opposed to running or spinning on a bike for long drawn out periods of time where you only burn calories and muscle for that time. Once you stop, you’re done burning extreme amounts of calories and drop right back into your body’s normal state of calorie burning. You’ve burned off more muscle than you are aware of during that session and that is why when you step on a scale, you see a huge weight drop but it isn’t fat you lost, its muscle mass from that long drawn out session. Muscles are needed to protect the inside of our body’s internal organs and support our skeletal structure. Do you really want to lose that support?

You need a delicate balance in your routine. Combining every area of fitness is what will enable you to reach your goals along with consuming the proper nutrients from your foods and supplementation. You will create a stronger body by avoiding over exertion with too much cardio. Your insides are not visible to you, but just because you can’t see what’s going on does not mean something couldn’t be wrong. You may not feel it now, you may never feel it or you could feel it but be trying to avoid it causing more damage. Just because you slow down doesn’t
make you any less of a fitness enthusiast, it means you’ve finally taken the time to actually CARE about what’s going on with your body and you’ve made the decision to do what you now KNOW is right for it. I hope you are able to grasp this message and pass this along to anyone and everyone you know! I know you will begin to feel better inside and out. So stop obliterating yourself and start training with HIIT method to slash the fat today!

Combine HIIT Training with Heart Health for optimal fat digestion and fat elimination. Taking 4-6 on an empty stomach daily will increase your body’s ability to break down and utilize stored body fat so when you work-out that digested fat can be used as fuel.

For those of you who consume protein shakes before and/or after a work-out, make sure your muscles are able to utilize all that protein by adding in our Digestive Health. It will enable you to feed your muscles for proper rebuilding and growth. Why waste your money on expensive protein complexes to only be able to process half of the nutrients while the other half lingers in your body causing higher uric acid levels and damaging effects? Take 1-2 Digestive Health capsules with each scoop of protein you consume. Your muscles and GI tract will thank you!

Thank you to Ashley and Carter for sharing your knowledge and expertise so we all can be in the best shape of our lives!

Let the discussion begin…Post your comments below!

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7 Replies to “Slash the Fat with this regime”

  1. Thanks for all this wonderful information.

    I have a question do you need to eat something before working out early in the morning and if so what would be the best thing to grab to eat and how long should you wait after you eat to workout?

    I get up early and try to workout before going to work. Trying to fit it in and getting enough sleep as well.

    Also trying to take heart health before working out how long do you need to wait taking the heart health before eating then workout? Just trying to make sure I do this right so I get the best results.

    Thanks for any help you can give me on this!

    1. Thanks Susan for your great feedback and question! We always suggest taking Heart Health on an empty stomach before working out so it can target stored fat and not fat you may have consumed in a meal. We will email a more detailed reply.

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve read an article like yours with so much interesting content. I love your thoughts. I’m waiting for your next article with great anticipation.

  3. Hi Susan!

    I do not know how I missed your comments but I do apologize! Always eat something before an intense workout at least 1-1 1/2 hours before training. You can also take the Heart Health if you do the LISS (Light Intensity Steady State) cardio which is done on an empty stomach at a very light pace as I said. Keep your heart rate at a steady pace between 95-115 bpm. I usually keep mine at 112 bpm. The LISS should begin at 30 minutes for a solid 1 1/2 – 2 months and slowly increase it. Best time to do it is in the morning upon waking or after weight training!

    Heart Health will do WONDERS for fat loss on top of a healthy eating & workout routine!

  4. And Thank You for the kind response to the blog! I have a lot to share!!

  5. I’ve taken Shan’s supplements before and I love them. But I ran out and need to get more!!! I’ll sign up this time for auto-ship
    Your explanation of the fats and muscles was easy to understand… I’ve heard the info before but never really got the concept. I like how your HIIT is simple and can work with any form of cardio… I also really appreciate your sharing of how many of the capsules you take and when you take them… makes it so easy now for me to figure out what I should do. Ps I also have the Enagic Water Ionizer… best water ever.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Autoship is great way to never run out of product and save on shipping too! We appreciate your support and kind words. 🙂

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