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January 13, 2004 may as well have been the day I threw in the towel. After a total of 10 car accidents, none of them at the fault of my actions, I was in a complete mental disability, believing I would be heavily sedated under constant prescription drugs and repeated “care” of doctor’s visits. The last car accident created the worst pain I had ever experienced than any other accident I endured. A herniated disc had caused me two solid years of agony, severe pain, numbness and sleeplessness. I needed help in everything I did from getting out of bed in the morning to having my parents help me get dressed. I couldn’t take it any longer so I checked into Mercy Hospital on January 13, 2004 at 4am to prepare for lower back surgery.

The road to recovery was a very long and drawn out process. For one year, I was medicated with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs to keep the pain at bay whenever I felt it. My movement was slight and exercise wasn’t an option. At that point, I had no idea how much proper nutrition and simple walking could help me. I didn’t pay attention to what my body needed and was influenced heavily by the mass amount of doctor’s visits I had endured for years. Believing everything I was told, to the very last statement made by my surgical doctor, “Don’t expect to be able to do anything strenuous or fun for years to come.” Whoa! Those words impacted me like falling from a rooftop onto concrete.

Was I just told I wasn’t ever going to do ANYTHING active for

After a year I finally decided I was not ever going to let a doctor tell me what I would and wouldn’t do.

This was MY life and it was up to me to take control. I started researching and very slowly got started with an at home workout video, 4 times a week. I quickly changed my eating habits for the better and felt an immediate release of the bond pain was holding me to. I decided I wanted nothing to do with any medication or doctor unless I absolutely needed it. I needed my natural strength and those crutches were not going to provide it.

It was a slow road to recovery but my strength increased daily through weight training and light cardio. I was taking my glucosamine believing that it would repair my joints and help with the healing of my lower back. Applying what I had researched to my everyday routine was helping but it was not the “end all” to my pain. I became introduced to Core Health Products and little did I know I was in for the best adventure of recovery in my life. I have been an avid gym goer for many years now and all those years of heavy weight lifting brought back the pain I had in some of my joints when I was “out of commission”. Over a two month period, Joint Health completely repaired the problems I was having with my limited mobility. With this product, I now have the ability to do things I would have never believed I could before.

Anyone looking for release of pain in the joints from any type of injury should use Joint Health. I have so many clients thank me over and over because of the release from pain due to Joint Health. Life does not have to be limited. When we get hurt, we should know that there is something out there that can take away the pain naturally. That solution for me was Core Health Products’ Joint Health. It can be for you too!

~ by Ashley McTucker

Are you experiencing pain from a lingering injury? Do you take NSAIDs or pain killers every day just to get by? You don’t have to suffer any longer! Joint Health can provide the same relief and healing for you as it has done for Ashley and so many other individuals!

Here’s how Joint Health can benefit you:

  1. The proteolytic enzymes reduce inflammation which allows for repair and regeneration of the injured tissues speeding up recovery time.
  2. Cleanses the blood of debris and dead protein allowing for proper circulation and drainage of the lymphatic systems.
  3. Dissolves scar tissue due to their protein make-up which becomes “digested” by the use of enzymes.
  4. Pain and swelling reduced by the protease enzymes in conjunction with the powerful antioxidant blend (Acerola Cherry, Boswellia, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Grapeseed Extract and SOD).
  5. Mobility increased and stiffness reduced due to NEM, natural eggshell membrane, which is richest source of chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other glycosaminoglycans essential for healthy joints.

 Recover faster the natural way with Joint Health!

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