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The current state of health in America and the world is growing worse and worse every year!

High stress, poor eating habits, and environmental pollution are some of the main reasons why our world is getting sicker day by day. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, and increasing mental illness’ make a large portion of the 2.7 trillion dollars America currently spends every year treating these diseases/disorders. Unless we make a complete overall change in how we treat our bodies, the state of health in America will continue to get worse, therefore, increasing insurance premiums, higher medical costs for treatment, premature death, and economic collapse.

One of the major markers of disease in the body is inflammation caused by oxidative stress. This damaging process of oxidative stress that occurs naturally in our bodies is happening at such a high rate due to our lifestyles and environmental factors that there is a huge call to action to slow down this process, so that we can reverse this enormous title wave that is eager to overpower us. On top of the oxidative stress, our internal pH balance gets disrupted which is another important bench mark for measuring our present state of health.

What can we do to slow down oxidative stress and balance the body’s pH imbalance to ensure that we can live a disease free life?

There are numerous books written on the market that seek to offer a response to this health care crisis and address oxidative stress and pH imbalance.

The “How To” books are endless! For example, how to ph balance the body, how to detoxify the body, recipe books to better health, books about ionized alkaline water, books on food combining, raw foods and their benefits, eating enzyme rich foods for healing, consuming raw super-foods for optimal health and the list goes on and on. Beginning the search for health books seems overwhelming that you may give up before you even start! You know it’s imperative that we need to change our current lifestyles but the time and investment required may be out of reach.

We have exciting news for you!

Our newest book, “Living Alkaline in an Acidic World,” covers these important topics and the bonus is that it is only 123 pages long. In it, you will learn why alkalizing the body is crucial and how to do so to reduce oxidative stress and balance your internal pH via drinking ionized water, eating raw alkalizing enzyme and nutrient rich foods and super-foods. There are recipe sections for adults and children, ways to boost the immune system from drinking raw juices and shakes, healthy snacks and dessert recipes, an alkaline/acid food chart, how to combine food properly, how to lose weight, and much much more.

What makes this book so unique and unlike many books you see on the market is the fact that we have condensed numerous topics into one book, so that it’s easier for people like yourself to start on a path towards better health without getting bogged down with long hours of reading and spending lots of money on books. Plus, you do not have to read the book from front to back, you can start with whatever topic interests you the most and begin incorporating the water, foods, and recipes as you see fit!

The book is easy to read and is written at a level that does not get overly technical because the last thing we want the reader to experience is a book that is too technical and difficult to understand. We wanted to create a book that is one of a kind and can get people started in the right direction quickly without forcing you to follow a specific diet or meal plan. You just take what you want out of the book as a foundation for yourself and never look back as you see your life change!

 “I see this book as a great resource for anyone seeking to improve their health and knowledge. Anyone looking for a healthier way to live will find it in this book as it is truly a guide to alkaline living.”
~ Dr. Horst Filtzer
Harvard Medical School Graduate
Dept. Chair at Cambridge University

This book stems from years of research and reading from doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, and others who contributed their time and talents to give you the best information possible in this short but valuable book. It is our mission to give the proper information and education based on current nutritional science and research to our customers, so that you can make well informed decisions about your health for you and your family. We hope that this book will bear much fruit in your health and be a blessing to you and millions around the world.

Grab a copy or two today and help us spread the word about the health benefits of alkalizing the body!

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