Are You Acidic?

If you are truly what you eat, then what would your body be made of? We like to take that saying a step further and say- You are not what you eat, but what you digest!  Regardless of what you eat, your body must take those chewed up pieces of food and slowly break them down into their usable, recognizable forms by way of hydrochloric acid, bile and enzymes. So your juicy quarter pounder smothered in grease from your favorite arches will go through the same arduous digestive process as the hormone free grass-fed filet mignon from greenest pastures of New Zealand. No doubt one is healthier than the other but both will leave you with a sluggish digestive system, metabolism and acidic environment. Spare tire anyone?

Acidity can be balanced by alkalinity. Our bodies need to maintain a pH of 7.365 for homeostasis. The foods and liquids we consume can either support the body’s natural processes or hinder the rebuilding and repairing of cells. This has given way to numerous health drinks, alkaline water systems and the alkaline diet. Who doesn’t want glowing skin, less wrinkles, more energy, slimmer waistline and better digestion? An alkaline diet jump starts your metabolism and aids the body in fighting off disease. Since our bodies are around 70% water, alkaline liquids are the easiest and fastest way to bring the body back in balance. Interesting find- Alkaline foods are also made up of 70% water just like our bodies.

Funny how nature has a perfect plan for us but we have stripped, refined, replaced and cooked the life out of it!

Ideally, your everyday diet should consist of 60-80% alkalizing foods and 20-40% acidic foods.

Yes, you do still need some acidic foods because they have their benefits too just like blueberries, apple cider vinegar, some meats, etc. It’s all about finding the right balance for you!

Now that you’re probably regretting all the food you just consumed realizing it is all acidic, let’s get real and honest. If you can turn a 180 and go gung-ho into a raw organic alkaline diet, then more power to you but that’s just not realistic for the 99% of the population! Our bodies go through cycles much like the weather. We crave the cool, fresh foods in the spring/summer and warm, satisfying foods in the fall/winter.  Notice the pumpkin fever going on right now? Mmm, my mouth waters just thinking about it! Ok…..all pumpkin daydreaming aside; there is a way to feed your body while not burdening your digestive system and hindering your alkaline/acid balance.

One factor that trumps all that I have written thus far is NOT digesting your food properly is the MOST acid thing you can do to your body. The majority of food consumed today is dead, meaning the life has been processed and cooked out of it. The living sources of raw foods are enzymes, protein molecules that ignite the digestive process in the mouth and stomach. Food must be broken down by enzymes into simpler building blocks or it is useless. For example, proteins into amino acids, carbs into simple sugars, and fat into essential fatty acids. Enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process (temps above 118 degrees), leaving the pancreas to the task of producing enzymes to digest cooked food.  There is a limit on the amount of enzymes the body can produce then the pancreas becomes exhausted.

Studies have shown that after the age of 30, enzyme production is reduced by 10-15% every 10 years after. Enzymes regulate metabolism so it’s no wonder that about this time everyone thinks their metabolism is starting to slow down! So as the pancreas becomes exhausted, the body then starts to secrete more hydrochloric acid to assist in the breakdown process. The majority of us have cooked foods at every meal and maybe even for snacks too. Acid upon acid upon acid is produced. Did you know the highest growing over the counter medication is antacids? It’s no wonder when we look at what we’re consuming! Can you even watch a whole TV show without seeing a commercial targeted to those with acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn or GERD?

Even though someone struggling with these symptoms will find it easier to pop a pill instead of changing their diet, we have found a more natural way. Plant-based broad spectrum digestive enzymes consumed with a cooked meal provide all the necessary factors needed for complete digestion without burdening the body. Of course, a modification to more alkalizing foods is always a good suggestion as well! Digestive enzyme supplements should always be coupled with pH stabilized probiotics for complete utilization and balancing of our delicate internal ecosystem. Core Health Products was formulated with enzymes as our foundation and we have taken it a step further to make sure all the necessary co-factors are present so each nutrient can be unlocked and utilized for maximum absorption. We have countless testimonials from individuals who have seen a remarkable change in their digestion, metabolism and energy levels. Try us out, we guarantee you will see the difference!

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