Four Tips to a Healthy Holiday!

Why wait till January 1st to start a healthier, stress free lifestyle only to be disappointed two weeks later when you fall off the bandwagon. Today is the day to start taking the steps to a new you in the New Year! Now I know what you’re thinking…”But it wouldn’t be the Holidays if I didn’t indulge in all the sugar cookies and homemade pies! And Aunt Ida would be so disappointed if I didn’t have a huge slice of spiral ham and two helpings of scalloped potatoes!” Not only does over-indulging tax your body of essential enzymes but it also puts additional stress on so many other functions in the body.

Don’t be discouraged and think that you can only stick to the veggie tray and nuts at the family gatherings. By following these simple and easy recommendations, you will be well on your way to starting the New Year off on a healthier path.

1. Make sure you are supplementing adequately before the Holiday begins. Stress from Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, out of town guest and preparing a feast can deplete your body of crucial antioxidants and minerals. Vitamin B’s are the first to go and then follows Vitamin C, Co-enzyme Q10 and Zinc. These nutrients are key in ensuring your nervous system, energy production and immune system are functioning properly to combat stress when you feel it coming on. We recommend the Core Health Pack. Not only will you be supplementing with RAW, Whole food Nutrients but also Antioxidants, Chelated Minerals, Pro and Pre-biotics and Digestive Enzymes.

2. Give an extra boost to your immune system with Probiotics and Prebiotics! Being around family and friends is what the Holidays are all about but the germs they could potentially be carrying are like the unwanted guests. Remember, your immune system is your first line of defense against harmful bacteria and viruses. Along with the vitamins and antioxidants, your good bacteria become compromised under stress so make sure you are supplementing with pH stabilized, multiple strains of Probiotics like what we have created in our Digestive Health!

3. Show your metabolism and digestive tract some love by consuming plant based Digestive Enzymes. Typical holiday meals will consist of almost all cooked and processed foods. As you consume those foods (healthy or unhealthy), your pancreas has to work overtime to create enzymes so your cooked foods can be broken down for digestion. If your pancreas is already exhausted from your everyday diet then, guess where your body goes to next? Your Metabolic Enzymes!! Along with that, your body will also produce more hydrochloric acid to help break the undigested food particles down, hence why so many people out there keep antacids within arm’s reach! So ditch the Tums and supplement the right way with all natural, broad spectrum Digestive Enzymes like our Core Health Pack or Digestive Health.

4. Nibble the day away! Don’t feel you have to deprive yourself of all the goodies but just be smart in what you choose. Take small portions from the buffet line so you can still feel that you’re enjoying everything. Truly when you think about it, nothing compares to the first bite of an indulgent treat so take two bites and move on. Chew slowly to get the most out of every bite!  If you are someone that runs to the dessert table first to curb your sweet tooth, your body is actually telling you that it needs chromium not sugar. Chelated chromium helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and sugar cravings which is why we included this crucial mineral in our Heart Health along with the powerful fat digesting enzyme, Lipase. We could all use a little extra Lipase around the Holidays…. Don’t you agree?

This season is all about giving and loving on others but take some moments to show love to yourself by giving it better nutrition and care. It is at that moment where a new you in the New Year begins!
Let us help you to not only take the right steps to a healthier Holiday but instead, a healthier YOU! Our Holiday Bundles package all these products together for great savings and great health.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Core Health Products!



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