How to Look & Feel Younger

Featuring Shan Stratton and Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer

Our bodies are bombarded on a daily basis with free radicals from toxic skincare products, chemicals in our drinking water, environmental  pollution, chemicals on and in our foods, prescription drugs, electromagnetic fields, stress, and strenuous exercise. Antioxidants are the answer to looking and feeling younger! They not only combat the free radical damage but also provide the crucial phytonutrients needed to prevent disease and cancer. In this unique call, Chris Wark walks you through his journey of discovering stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 26 and what he did to cure himself through whole foods. Listen to Shan and Chris talk about the most powerful antioxidants and how you can supplement your diet daily with these cancer fighting foods!


The Cholesterol Controversy
Living Alkaline Made Easy

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