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905, 2016

Ryker’s Miraculous Recovery after Traumatic Brain Injury

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Featuring Shan Stratton & Ryker Stratton

Earlier this year, Shan’s youngest son, Ryker, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury after a quad accident. The doctors were unsure if he was going to survive the coma and multiple brain bleeds but Ryker beat the odds and is a true living testimony to how the body can heal itself when given the proper nutrition. In this Call, he details his whole experience as well as the protocol used to reduce the inflammation and start the healing and repairing process. His recovery is miraculous and he has left the doctors speechless! Listen to this amazing story!



2901, 2016

Cleanses, Constipation & Your Colon Health

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Shan is speaking out. The dreaded C word! The topic no one wants to talk about…. EVER! Constipation. Did you know 1 out of 5 people deal with it daily? Learn the causes and the effects it has to your health. Discover the simple solutions that allowed Shan to have perfectly working internal pipes. Hear his personal story of overcoming digestive issues and how enzymes, probiotics and Kangen water transformed his GI tract. You don’t have to struggle in secret anymore! Don’t mask these issues with medication or laxatives- get to the root of it. Conquer constipation once and for all!



1412, 2015

Pros to Joes: What’s the Secret Sauce?

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Whether you’re a stay at home mom chasing down toddlers or a professional athlete chasing down a quarterback, we ALL have the same struggles and health challenges regardless of our “fields”. Want to know what athletes struggle with the most? You may be surprised at how similar it is to you! Listen and learn the simple solutions and techniques Shan teaches his athletes as we know it will help you as well.


1412, 2015

Your Health Questions- Answered!

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Our most asked questions get answered by our favorite Health Expert, Shan! Where else can you get FREE advice without waiting on hold or paying an arm and a leg? Well, here of course!

403, 2015

What You Didn’t Know About Core Health Products

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Featuring Shan Stratton & Chris Bailey

New research is out and we’re excited to share it with you! Our product line has so many facets and uses that we guarantee you never knew we could help you overcome regarding specific issues like depression, anxiety, food allergies and so many more. During this call, Shan and Chris reveal the latest research and go in-depth into how to best utilize our alkalizing nutrients for optimum results!

403, 2015

Science Behind Eating Fat to Lose Fat

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Featuring Shan Stratton & Billy Wease, The Wellness Pharmacist

We are giving you the OK to eat fat and lots of it with one caveat. Only consume the right types in the proper ratios. What are those you may ask? Billy Wease, the Wellness Pharmacist, addresses those along with Shan and together they discuss what are the right fats, how and when do you eat them and most importantly, how does eating fat, lose fat?

2511, 2014

Secrets from a Pharmacist

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Featuring Billy Wease, the Wellness Pharmacist

Billy Wease is not your typical pharmacist who counts pills and fills prescriptions. He is known as the “Wellness Pharmacist” and his mission is to help educate the average individual on how to obtain optimal health and wellness by using healthy food, natural supplementation, and exercise that has been proven, tested and scientifically based so that the side-effect laden prescription and over the counter drugs are not necessary.


Education is at the forefront of Billy’s practice. He teaches Kangen water classes, Health Aging and Wellness courses along with a Lifestyle Construction program. When his clients incorporate the principles taught in his classes, they quickly receive unprecedented results. One of Billy’s many achievements through his teachings has been seeing Type 2 diabetes reversed for individuals who follow his simple lifestyle recommendations. Billy shares his recommendations and education on how to reverse these preventable illnesses.

2810, 2014

Top Health Scares Threatening Your Wellbeing

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