Health and Education Call

//Health and Education Call
810, 2014

How to Take Healthcare Into Your Own Hands

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Featuring Shan Stratton, Lynnette Pate (Organic Guru) & Brenna Mader (2012 Miss Tennessee)

Overwhelmed by all the health choices these days? Still trying to figure out what to choose to regain your energy and vitality back? Shan, Lynnette and special guest Brenna Mader help you discover the health savings principles of an alkaline lifestyle, organic diet and clean supplementation. Discover the health saving principles to increase vitality and longevity!

3009, 2014

Our guide to a sniffle free sick season

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Featuring Shan Stratton & Dr. Horst Filtzer

Your immunity is directly related to how alkaline or acidic your body is.
An alkaline body is one that is strong and can easily protect itself against germs and infection. An acidic body is too busy dealing with the toxins consumed by processed foods and acidic beverages, stressful lifestyle and polluted air to be able to fight germs and bacteria. In most cases, colds and flu could easily be prevented with a alkaline diet rich from raw vegetable salads, green superfoods, raw juices, and alkaline water. An alkaline system is no place for a virus to thrive!

Shan will be discussing this amazing connection between immunity and alkalinity in full detail with one of the leading experts and renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Horst Filtzer. Together, they provide tools for you to use throughout this coming cold and flu season.

2409, 2014

Ask the Experts: Women’s Edition

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Featuring Shan Stratton, Dr. Carol Ann Fischer & Herbalist, Janet Hawkins

From hormonal balance to constipation and weight loss, Shan addresses these hot topics from a women’s perspective with Dr. Fischer and Janet Hawkins. Great information is shared on what protocols they use with their own patients and how they are seeing phenomenal results in helping to balance these issues.

2608, 2014

The Back to School Basics on Alkalizing the Body

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Featuring Shan Stratton and Alkaline Experts, Fred Brown 6A5-3 & Michelle Raley 6A4-3

We are joining in the back to school fun so grab your #3 pencil and steno pad for an information overload on the basics of alkalizing the body. Discover the need to become alkaline, the importance of changing your water and what benefits you will see immediately! Learn why we are redefining what it means to eat R.A.W. and follow a plant based diet. It’s a phenomenal call! Share it with anyone who is intrigued about alkaline water, alkaline living or who just wants to regain their health back!


2907, 2014

Getting the Old You Back

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Featuring Shan Stratton & John Nardozzi, Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Have you lost your identity? Do you wish you could go back in time and regain the energy and body of your youth?
We’re here to tell you it IS possible and we can show you how! There is no time machine involved but instead simple steps you can take each day to lose the extra pounds and have more energy than you know what to do with. Listen to Shan and John as they share testimonials of how others have regained their health and youth back by incorporating easy lifestyle changes. They go in depth into the importance of raw superfoods, sprouted foods and the difference between alkalizing water and alkalizing food.

2406, 2014

The Dangers of Painkillers

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Featuring Shan Stratton & Billy Wease, the Natural Pharmacist

Do you have dangerous drugs lurking in your medicine cabinet? Over 60 million Americans do and take them regularly for pain. We’re not speaking of prescription painkillers but instead the inconspicuous Ibuprofens and Aspirins. In the USA alone, one hundred thousand people who take NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are hospitalized each year with approximately fifteen thousand people dying from their usage. There are natural solutions that have been clinically proven to provide relief in as little as 7 days! Shan and Billy Wease, the Natural Pharmacist, discuss the dangers of painkillers and provide natural solutions to be PAIN FREE! Listen to testimonials of individuals who are experiencing relief from arthritis and fibromyalgia from incorporating these simple steps.

1806, 2014

Cracking the Vitamin Code: Latest Buzz over the B’s

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Low on energy? Memory issues? Sluggish metabolism? Skin disorders? Approaching your 50’s?
This Health & Education Call is dedicated to you! Researchers have recently discovered that up to 30% of individuals approaching their 50’s have lost the ability to absorb adequate amounts of Vitamin B12 from meat and dairy products. Have you noticed how popular Vitamin B shots have become? The quest for a quick fix of energy has become a multi- billion dollar industry when the underlying causes are never truly addressed. Tune in to learn the latest from Shan!

2705, 2014

How to Look & Feel Younger

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Featuring Shan Stratton and Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer
Our bodies are bombarded on a daily basis with free radicals from toxic skincare products, chemicals in our drinking water, environmental  pollution, chemicals on and in our foods, prescription drugs, electromagnetic fields, stress, and strenuous exercise. Antioxidants are the answer to looking and feeling younger! They not only combat the free radical damage but also provide the crucial phytonutrients needed to prevent disease and cancer. In this unique call, Chris Wark walks you through his journey of discovering stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 26 and what he did to cure himself through whole foods. Listen to Shan and Chris talk about the most powerful antioxidants and how you can supplement your diet daily with these cancer fighting foods!