Our guide to a sniffle free sick season

Featuring Shan Stratton & Dr. Horst Filtzer

Your immunity is directly related to how alkaline or acidic your body is.
An alkaline body is one that is strong and can easily protect itself against germs and infection. An acidic body is too busy dealing with the toxins consumed by processed foods and acidic beverages, stressful lifestyle and polluted air to be able to fight germs and bacteria. In most cases, colds and flu could easily be prevented with a alkaline diet rich from raw vegetable salads, green superfoods, raw juices, and alkaline water. An alkaline system is no place for a virus to thrive!

Shan will be discussing this amazing connection between immunity and alkalinity in full detail with one of the leading experts and renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Horst Filtzer. Together, they provide tools for you to use throughout this coming cold and flu season.


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