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Joint Health

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Heart Health

Heart diseases is one of the growing deadly diseases in America. Increasing the utilization of fats allows for proper cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar regulation. Watch how we specifically formulated this product to target those areas! © 2015 Core Health Products

Core Health Pack

The most complete and convenient 7 in 1 alkalizing supplement for maintaining optimal health and vitality. Learn more about each of the 7 components that make up this foundational product which everyone should be consuming daily. It’s the most economical insurance policy for the body! © 2015 Core Health Products

Digestive Health Video

Suffering from acid reflux, indigestion, GERD, heartburn, IBS or gut dysbiosis? Have a little one with reflux or colic issues? Discover our Digestive Health which acts like a natural antacid to replenish the probiotic lining of the GI tract along with allowing for complete digestion through broad spectrum digestive enzymes. © 2015 Core Health Products