Get energized and alkalized!

16 oz. Core Greens– Core Greens contains 14 RAW superfoods that are rich in enzymes and nutrients to alkalinize and detoxify the body while providing cleansing and healing of our delicate internal eco-system. Each certified organic, RAW ingredient has been hand-selected for its alkalizing properties from the richest soils to maximize the highest nutrient content available. The 16 oz. yields 90 servings of alkalizing energy!

Core Health Pack- All the ingredients in the Core Health Pack are concentrated whole foods extracted from natural living foods and plants. These sources contain a powerhouse of antioxidants and super foods along with the amino acid chelated minerals for maximum absorption. Our natural formulations also include 15 pH stabilized probiotics and prebiotics to allow for continued growth and colonization of the friendly flora in the gut. Broad spectrum digestive enzymes along with our activated enzyme delivery system promote increased digestion and utilization of each nutrient in our product and also the food you consume which allows for the body to stay in the proper pH ranges.

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