With over 100 million American suffering from digestion issues, it is time to have a gut intervention! Digestion imbalances are not only limited to the typical bloating, constipation, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn/acid reflux but also, allergies, arthritis, auto immune disorders, chronic fatigue, acne and more. These symptoms are the warning signs that treacherous roads are ahead leading to many degenerative diseases! Like Hippocrates stated over two thousand years ago, all disease begins in the gut. Your gut health is directly related to your overall health and well-being and that is why it is imperative to cleanse, replenish and rebuild this delicate eco-system living within us. The balance of your intestinal flora (probiotics) is not only crucial for your digestion of food but also your immune system and mental health.

Experts suggest a healthy colon cleanse 2x per year!

Our Core Cleanse program was designed to allow for the digestion of lingering food particles that adhere to the intestinal wall and colon which bacteria and yeast thrive on. It is estimated that the human body can hold up to 5-25 pounds of this “build up” which can be seen by an inflamed protruding belly. So not only will bacteria and yeast be reduced but also the inflammation that follows with an unhealthy gut. Utilizing a combination of Digestive Health and Core EFA’s, your GI tract will be cleansed of harmful pathogens, replenished with broad spectrum digestive enzymes and rebuilt with pH stabilized probiotics and the proper prebiotics to allow for continued growth and colonization of the “good” bacteria. To maintain a healthy gut year round, doctors and experts have recommended a cleanse program to be utilized twice a year. With our specific protocol and recipes, you will not only be able cleanse the body but also replenish and bring balance back to your eco-system.

The Core Cleanse is a 30 day program that consists of 3 bottles of Digestive Health and 3 bottles of Core EFA’s. The protocol is as follows: Take 2 Digestive Health capsules and 2 Core EFA gel caps on an empty stomach 3 times a day. Continue this regime for the full 30 days to see maximum results along with your current Core Health Products regime.

Cleanse, replenish and rebuild your gut today!