Living Alkaline in an Acidic World is a comprehensive guide to achieving true alkalinity.

The focus of this book is how human homeostasis is almost completely dependent on the balance of our body’s pH.

Throughout the book, you will discover:

The need for alkalinity and how our society has become overly acidic.
How to gage where you stand in the pH scale.
The benefits of consuming supplemental enzymes, fermented and sprouted foods.
The life giving properties of alkaline water.
Alkalizing green superfoods and how they are extremely beneficial to combat over-acidity.
Inspiring, delicious easy to prepare recipes including juices, smoothies, savory and sweet ways to incorporate alkalizing foods that even kids will love!
Simple guidelines and protocols to follow to become more alkaline.
Multiple doctor recommendations.

“It is my pleasure to recommend this book for its implementation of alkaline living as a means to better health, wellness and nutrition. Throughout this book, you will understand the importance of pH balancing which is crucial in maintaining optimal cellular function. As a medical professional, I can honestly say that everyone needs to learn and adhere to the enzyme principles described in this book. If digestive functions are improved, then overall health will dramatically improve. Core Health Products provides a pathway for achieving just that. Anyone looking for a healthier way to live will find it in this book as it is truly a guide to alkaline living.”
Horst S Filtzer, MD FACS, Harvard Medical School Graduate
Dept., Chair at Cambridge University

This is truly a guide to becoming more alkaline!