Secrets from a Pharmacist

Featuring Billy Wease, the Wellness Pharmacist

Billy Wease is not your typical pharmacist who counts pills and fills prescriptions. He is known as the “Wellness Pharmacist” and his mission is to help educate the average individual on how to obtain optimal health and wellness by using healthy food, natural supplementation, and exercise that has been proven, tested and scientifically based so that the side-effect laden prescription and over the counter drugs are not necessary.

Education is at the forefront of Billy’s practice. He teaches Kangen water classes, Health Aging and Wellness courses along with a Lifestyle Construction program. When his clients incorporate the principles taught in his classes, they quickly receive unprecedented results. One of Billy’s many achievements through his teachings has been seeing Type 2 diabetes reversed for individuals who follow his simple lifestyle recommendations. Billy shares his recommendations and education on how to reverse these preventable illnesses.

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