Ashley Dawn McTucker

From the first day I met you, I knew I had been introduced not only to a product that would completely revamp and change my life…

but to a friend as well, who GENUINELY cares about the health of absolutely everyone in the world, from kids, adults, professional athletes & more. Your Core Health Products have done more for me than working out or eating right alone.

In the 3 hours I got to spend with you and a few friends one on one here in Vegas, along with the presentation afterwards, you not only showed me physical proof of how Core Health Products work by taking my blood before consuming the vitamins, placing it under the microscope for me to see the cells clumped together and after taking them to show me how they started to separate, allowing oxygen to actually flow through my bloodstream after only 30 minutes of taking the Core health Pack, but you also taught me what mankind are actually lacking by eating cooked foods without the proper natural unaltered supplements to go along with those foods.

You taught me about the utilization we need from the foods we cook, how live enzymes, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, lipase, minerals and more actually work in our system, why we feel sluggish during a workout and our stamina feels at an all time low half way through it, the importance of getting enzymes delivered to our bodies , the importance of burning undigested fat in the bloodstream and more than I can list. You showed and taught me that we can actually take a natural supplement (Core Health Products) and FIX, not cover up or temporarily treat, symptoms that have been serious killers among people all over the world for many years. You have created a product I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend to any and all my clients whether online or in the gym. As a personal  trainer, I am acutely aware
at how important the right nutrition is for our bodies and how it is absolutely 80% of what we look like not only on the inside, but on the outside as well.

I am so very honored and grateful to be a representative for your company, to have found a friend in you and to be working with like minded people who want to help cure the world of disease and pain through all natural, unaltered supplementation. I Thank You so very much for introducing me to Core Health, for taking time to talk with me and anyone I’ve referred to you and for being an amazing friend. I will continue to use Core Health Products for as long as I live and will spread the word far and wide until my last breath.

Thank You for everything!!!

Your friend & honored affiliate,
Ashley Dawn McTucker

Claudia McClellan
George B.

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