Gene & Lady Vaughn

I wanted to let you know how much Core Health Products has helped me.

I was on over the counter and prescription Acid Reflux meds for over 15 years.

I started taking the Digestive Enzymes and the Heart Health on April 4th, 2011 after attending your seminar at an Enagic meeting in San Antonio, Texas. My acid reflux was so bad that if I took a drink of just water without my medicine first, I would get acid reflux, not good. After my first week on core products I started backing off of my medicine and now as of this letter I have been off the medicine since April 25th, 2011. That is all the time it took to stop the acid reflux. I am so happy that I came to your seminar and I share information about this product with everyone I know.

I would also like to add on here that my husband also started taking the Heart Health And the Digestive Enzymes, He is a Truck Driver of 50 years and sits all the time, so for years he has taken every stool softener, laxative and fiber product you can buy over the counter, he tried them all. Sometimes it would be days for a bowel movement. Since he started the Core Products, no more fiber, stool softeners or laxatives and he has a daily bowel movement and sometimes more than once. Not a fun subject but it is a very important part of life.

I so enjoyed meeting you and I do appreciate all the information and education that you shared with us, keep up the good work. Hope you can come to San Antonio again soon as I really enjoy your seminars. I am a firm believer in Core Health Products and Kangen Water, they go hand in hand and hopefully will help with all the health and obesity issues we have here in the USA.

Gene & Lady Vaughn

J.D. Wood
Linda Rolen

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