Sandy J. Lazarowicz

I have been using Core Health Products ever since the company was launched.

I take the Core Health Pack, Heart Health, Digestive Health, Heart Health, and now the Joint Health.  I take them for one compelling reason…”They WORK!”.

I previously took a variety of “traditional”, “fractioned” nutritional supplements. I also had issues with allergic reactions to various binders and ingredients even in the most “popular” commercial brands.

Since I started taking Core Health Products whole food supplements, I no longer have had any allergic reactions. I find that my energy level is superior to that when I was taking traditional “fractioned” supplements. I like the idea that I take “less” dosage but get much higher utilization. I have an on-going chronic health condition that leaves my immune system compromised. Core Health supplements have boosted my immune response and improved my overall health, even during cold & flu season.

The Hearth Health supplement has also helped me to control my weight and lose body fat that I previously found impossible to budge. The Joint Health is simply “wonderful”. I have osteoarthritis in my left hand and left ankle along with sciatica flare-ups. Until taking the Joint Health, I had found no affective remedy for my sciatica issues. I now have virtually no flare-ups. If I do have some minor sciatic flare-ups, a few additional Joint Health capsules takes care of the situation quickly, without resorting to either over-the-counter or prescription pain medications. My long-standing osteoarthritis pain is also next to gone since taking the Joint Health.

What I like best is that Core Health Supplements are “whole food” based supplementation. The Digestive Health product has eliminated my need for any medications for acid-reflux (gerd).  My doctor is amazed at the improvement in my improved cholesterol levels and my very low triglyceride level. He is also impressed with the fact that it is all done with “whole food” supplementation. This has improved my liver and kidney functions dramatically.

In conclusion…. I am a true believer in Core Health Products. The recent attainment of the NSF Certified For Sport certification for several of the products demonstrates their commitment to quality and the health of every customer. I am a career Quality Professional. Scrutiny such as the NSF certification process sets Core Health Products in a position of “World Class” / “Best In Class”.

Thanks Shan!… Thanks Core Health Products Team!… You have truly Improved the quality of my life!

Sandy J. Lazarowicz
IQT Group (Integrated Quality Technologies)

George B.
Martha Koehn

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