Gina Weinstock

I am writing to give great accolades to Core Health Products.

I was in the market for vitamins that I would be able to take that would:

1. Be convenient

2. Be effective

3. Be easily digested

Well I found that and more as I started taking Core Health Pack. My blood was tested by Shan and I definitely was in need of some changes. I followed his protocol and also started taking Digestive Health.After 3 months of Core Health products, I once again had my blood tested by Shan-and lo and behold, what a difference. Not only did my blood look much healthier, but I noticed that I felt stronger in my workouts and that I achieved  greater muscle growth.

I have also started taking Heart Health and am waiting for my next blood test to see the great results.

So now I have found supplements that are convenient, effective and easily digested. Thank you Core Health products for helping me be a better me!

Happy & Healthy,

Gina Weinstock

Eugene Long

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