Betsy G.

I have been on the girls Wellness Program at H2O Wellness Center and I must say when they first introduced me to Core Health Products I was a bit leery because I have done my research in health and have always taken the best supplements.  At least I thought I was taking the best products.  I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on what I thought was the best products only to realize they were synthetic and fractioned.  I couldn’t believe it. Here I thought by going to my homeopathic doctor they would provide only the best but I was wrong.  When I was given the proper information and educated on Enzymes it was a no brainer for me.  I threw everything away except my omega oils and have now only incorporated Core Health Products.  I take the Core Pack, Heart Health, Digestive and the Joint. I am 63 years old and I feel amazing.  I don’t have joint issues but I believe in Preventative measures.  Thank you for putting the best product out on the market.  I am completely sold and Can’t live without it.  Thank you!

Rock R.
Marty R.

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