The Dangers of Painkillers

Featuring Shan Stratton & Billy Wease, the Natural Pharmacist

Do you have dangerous drugs lurking in your medicine cabinet? Over 60 million Americans do and take them regularly for pain. We’re not speaking of prescription painkillers but instead the inconspicuous Ibuprofens and Aspirins. In the USA alone, one hundred thousand people who take NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are hospitalized each year with approximately fifteen thousand people dying from their usage. There are natural solutions that have been clinically proven to provide relief in as little as 7 days! Shan and Billy Wease, the Natural Pharmacist, discuss the dangers of painkillers and provide natural solutions to be PAIN FREE! Listen to testimonials of individuals who are experiencing relief from arthritis and fibromyalgia from incorporating these simple steps.


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