The Whole Truth about Wholefood Supplements



What does the word wholefoods mean to you?

We’re not talking about the place where you can spend your whole paycheck but instead, wholefoods in reference to the nutritional supplements you may or may not be consuming. Do you have any idea what that means for the quality of the product or if it’s truly better and worth the extra money? We hope to address this topic fully and expose what you may be duped into purchasing without even knowing it!

What is the true role of wholefoods and how does the body utilize them?

Conventional wisdom tells us the simplicity of something but doesn’t break it down enough to teach us what we need to know.

People are inclined to reach for a vitamin bottle in the store believing they will reap the so called benefits of what the bottle says those vitamins can do to increase the health of the body. Believing what you read on labels can potentially be problematic for anyone who actually does want better health. There are way too many fads presented to us daily; i.e. drink me thin shakes, protein bars- aka “candy bars”, sugar laden energy drinks, or the zero calorie foods that are mainly made up of chemicals and not food at all. There are more pills, potions, powders and processed crap than there are whole, unaltered and non-processed foods. It’s sadly something we won’t ever escape but there is a way to avoid all the hype and get the low down on what the body needs to reach your personal health goal. Let’s roll up our sleeves together and dig deeper into this issue.

Wholefoods are the source of living enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and so much more but let’s start here and focus on these in particular.  What’s the benefits of eating wholefoods in their most natural state? So glad you asked!

  1. They remove free radicals and toxins.
  2. They help restore optimal health through necessary nutrients the body can recognize and utilize.
  3. They replenish the depleted vitamins/minerals/enzymes in the body.
  4. They providing energy and stamina that we need on a daily basis.
  5. The enzymes help to digest foods we consume.
  6. They boost metabolic health.
  7. They improve cellular function.
  8. They increase the central nervous and respiratory systems in the body.
  9. They improve brain, cardiovascular and eye health.

The list can go on and on but you get the picture- they are vital to our well-being!

The body was not built to recognize processed or altered foods mankind has created. If it didn’t grow naturally or wasn’t farmed, the body truly does not recognize it and know what to do with it  so in most cases, it gets stored. Stored as fat or as toxins. Basically, when we eat food out of its natural state, we’re consuming dead food. There is no life to it. Changing the form of a food (heating it over 118*-cooking, baking, steaming, etc.) changes the state it was naturally in therefore killing everything alive in the food. The living source of all food in its raw state are the enzymes.

Enzymes are protein carriers that have an electrical vital energy factor. In layman’s terms, they are LIFE. Their protein molecules are the carriers for the enzyme’s activity, just like a light bulb is a carrier of electricity. Every enzyme acts in a certain way and does a specific job, whether that is digesting (food metabolism), building bones and skin, detoxing the body for proper immune function, healthy reproduction, thinking, joint movement, breathing, etc.

Nothing in the body can happen without the presence of enzymes!

We will focus on the digestive enzymes which there are 7 categories of enzymes and each one works on different macronutrients.

  1. Amylase- responsible for breaking down starches
  2. Cellulase- responsible for breaking down fibers
  3. Lactase- responsible for breaking down dairy
  4. Lipase- responsible for breaking down fats
  5. Maltase- responsible for breaking down grains
  6. Protease- responsible for breaking down protein
  7. Sucrase- responsible for breaking down sugars

Enzymes are not only the key to life but also the key to our digestion. We destroy all enzymes in our food by altering them which leaves the body no choice but to draw the metabolic enzymes to digest the “dead” food- healthy or unhealthy. This is the fastest way to slow your metabolism down if you’re consuming cooked foods at every meal and every snack. That’s over 1,000 times your body had to rob metabolic enzymes on a yearly basis. Wonder why you keep gaining weight? Let’s take that a step further and think about the supplements you’re taking. If there are no living broad spectrum enzymes in the formulation then you’re body is going through the same process as with the “dead” food.  True restoration comes in the form of whole food, enzyme rich foods and supplements in their natural state.


What’s the best way to tell if your supplements are wholefood based? Look at the nutritional label and the ingredient list! Are the ingredients real foods that you recognize and can pick from a tree or grow in a garden? Or do you see words like, ascorbic acid or big long words ending in “ate” or “oxides”? There’s a good chance those are not living foods but instead, chemically extracted or made in a laboratory then compounded with binders and fillers to look like you’re getting a huge bang for your buck. Don’t be misled! Don’t purchase anything with ascorbic acid as it’s mainly derived comes from genetically modified corn! Yes, the same gmo corn that you’re trying your hardest to avoid but it’s everywhere……even your supplement cabinet!

So let’s clear the shelf and your pantry of all the processed, synthetic junk and start fresh with real wholefoods. Shop the outer perimeters of the grocery store where all the wholesome good for you food is located and become more educated on the supplements you choose to fill in the gaps where your diet may be slacking. We’ve gone the extra mile with our entire product line to always obey the laws of nature and provide supplements in their raw, living forms for increased utilization and proper pH balancing of the body.

Each formulation includes essential wholefood vitamins and minerals along with natural phytonutrients and antioxidants to help you meet the recommended daily nutritional values. Our proprietary formulas provide patented amino acid chelated minerals to ensure maximum absorption, combined with potent levels of all the cofactors needed to sustain good health. We also include high levels of cutting-edge antioxidants, broad spectrum enzymes, pH stabilized probiotics and prebiotics to ensure your body receives all the core nutrients required for ideal health.

The invaluable nutrition we have formulated in each wholefood product can help you stay healthy and look and feel your absolute best!

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