Stop “Tricking” your body and “Treat” it naturally!

Give me something good to eat!

Are those infamous words still ringing in your ears while you sit in front of a bowl filled with all those sinful delights? Did you already over-indulge and are now feeling the wrath of what sugar does to your joints and immune system or are you simply unaware that the recent aches and pains are directly related to the overload of the “white stuff”?

It is estimated that 600 million pounds of candy is purchased annual for Halloween each year which far exceeds all the other sugary holidays. To put that insane number into perspective that is like opening 16 billion fun sized Snickers! Can you imagine the insulin spike on that? Yikes!! Is there no coincidence then that this is the start of the cold and flu season?

Fatigue, stress, irritability, mood swings, weakened immunity, difficulty sleeping and joint pain can all be attributed to sugar. Even if you avoid all the bite sized treats, sugar is hidden and disguised in almost all packaged and prepared foods along with their tasty condiments. Don’t forget that all simple carbohydrates (pasta, bread, crackers, potatoes, etc.) as they digest will be converted into sugar which increases insulin levels and attributes to weight gain. Every time you consume as little as two teaspoons of sugar, you are creating an imbalance of your body’s chemistry leading to an increase of stress, inflammation and a decreased immune system.

There is a direct connection with sugar, inflammation and joint pain. Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection against damaged cells, irritants and pathogens. It should be a healthy response after an injury to heal and provide protection but during this sugar laden season, inflammation can and will run rampant throughout the body if we give it the powdery fuel it needs. Your blood becomes inundated which then triggering the inflammation process causing stress and pain on your organs and joints. The less sugar you eat, the less inflammation you will experience, and the stronger your immune system will be to protect you from infectious and degenerative diseases.

Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection!

Many things can lead to chronic joint pain, but more often than not, inflammation is the cause with sugars being its greatest antagonist. The pain you feel in your stiff, achy joints is your body’s way of letting you know that inflammation exists. Instead of popping an NSAID, try going the natural route! Joint Health is our superior formulation that combines NEM® egg shell membrane with a proprietary blend of anti-inflammatory enzymes and an exclusive blend of antioxidant herbs and nutrients. These unique ingredients combine to support healthy cartilage formation, minimize cartilage degradation, and support the body’s natural healing processes.

Nowhere else will you find a more complete product that stops inflammation dead in its tracks! Natural egg shell membrane (NEM®), one of the key ingredients in Joint Health, is a natural source of chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other glycosaminoglycans essential for healthy joints. Unlike glucosamine, which can take up to 60 days to produce an effect, NEM® has been clinically proven to provide relief in just 7-10 days. These superior, clinically proven results are what lead Core Health Products’ scientists to feature this ingredient as a core part of the Joint Health formula.

Our powerful proteolytic enzymes along with supporting antioxidants allow for full breakdown of injured tissues so repair and rebuilding can take place for a quicker recovery. Protease 4.5 and 6.0 each work within different pH ranges for proper protein digestion of the damaged tissues. By combining these enzymes into the proprietary blend, Core Health Product’s Joint Health formula is able to provide a broad spectrum of enzyme activity and maximize the benefits of protease enzymes. Acerola cherry, Boswellia, Quercetin, Grape seed extract, Resveratrol and SOD are all powerful antioxidants known for their anti-inflammatory properties which are also included in the Joint Health for reduction of pain, swelling and healthy maintenance. All of these ingredients combined pack a 1-2 punch on inflammation, stiffness and pain!

So don’t delay- now is the time to reduce your intake of sugars and provide your body with what it needs nutritionally to reduce inflammation and function properly. Your long-term wellness depends on it!

“Joint Health is the best natural anti-inflammatory and joint support product we have ever used. This product simply works!”

says Brett Fischer, “Trainer to the Pro’s” and  Owner of Fischer Sports Therapy and Conditioning Clinic

From our Professional athletes to the everyday weekend warrior, Joint Health provides all the necessary tools to maintain healthy joints, promote faster recovery from strenuous activity, and optimize the body’s renewal processes. Joint Health also includes M.E.D.S.™, a proprietary micronutrient blend formulated to deliver maximum results.

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