Core Health Pack (case of 12)


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Key Benefits:

  • Maintain a Healthy Digestive System
  • Promote Strong Immune Function
  • Support a Healthy Cardiovascular System
  • Increased Fat Metabolism
  • Maximize Energy Levels
  • Enhance Digestion of Fats & Sugars
  • Promote Stronger Bones
  • Support Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Optimize Overall Health & Vitality
  • Highest Quality, Natural Ingredients
  • Superior, Balanced, Natural Formula
  • Ultimate Convenience & Value
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Good health is a precious gift that must be continuously protected and nourished. Unfortunately, research indicates most people are deficient in core nutrients essential for good health. The Core Health Pack conveniently supplements the vital nutrients needed to maintain optimal health in one convenient package to help you keep pace with a busy lifestyle. This superior formulation combines essential vitamins and minerals with cutting-edge antioxidants and the power of enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics for digestive health. These nutrients and other health promoting herbs supply invaluable nutrition and promote optimal functioning of the core systems in the body. The natural ingredients in Core Health Pack promote healthy functioning of the digestive, cardiovascular, metabolic, immune, skeletal, and brain functions of the body. The Core Health Pack also includes M.E.D.S.™, a proprietary system of nutrient utilization that ensures maximum results. Take two Core Health Packs daily to give your body the nutritional care it deserves.*

Our Core Health Pack is six individual products packaged into one simple system. All the ingredients are concentrated whole foods extracted from natural living foods and plants. These sources contain a powerhouse of antioxidants and super foods along with the amino acid chelated minerals for maximum absorption. Our natural formulations also include 13 pH stabilized probiotics with the prebiotics to allow for continued growth and colonization of the friendly flora in the gut. Broad spectrum digestive enzymes along with our activated enzyme delivery system promote increased digestion and utilization of each nutrient in our product and also the food you consume.

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