Affiliate Program FAQ

CHP Premier Affiliate Program FAQ

No, Core Health Products is not a multi-level marketing or network marketing company. We sell directly to the consumer and offer an exclusive program to those who want to help spread our message. Core Health Products has chosen to create a premier affiliate rewards program by combining the best features of other well known affiliate programs used by companies such as Amazon.

MLM programs have sign-up fees, annual dues, monthly qualification requirements and usually pays on only a percentage of the overall sale price. Core Health Products affiliate program simply provides the tools to allow you to share our products with others and then pays a referral commission on the total qualifying sale(s) whether your site generates a sale once a day or once a year. There are no annual fees, monthly website fees or hoops you must jump through to achieve income per sale but only a commitment to personal use of the products. For you to be successful with this program, you must be a product of the product!

The Core Health Products Premier Affiliate Program is an exclusive program for those who are dedicated to teaching Core Health Principles while earning commissions for driving traffic to your affiliate site.

Simply click on the “Sign Up” link on the Program page and complete the online application. Once you’ve completed your application, our team will get to work designing your personalized website and will notify you by email when everything is complete. You can then begin using your free personalized Core Health Products website ( to start sending your customers to for education and product sales.

No, as part of our premier affiliate program, we create a replicated yet personalized Core Health Products website for you. Once you’ve completed the online application and are approved, you can immediately begin sending people to your website to order products and start earning commissions.

No, it is one of the free tools we create and offer you in return for your willingness to share our products with others.

If you already have your own website, simply have your webmaster insert our affiliate banner link into your existing website. Then, all the visitors to your website who order Core Health Products products will be your customers and you will earn commissions.

No. All orders placed on your personalized Core Health Products website will be processed by Core Health Products. You do not need to process orders, stock product, or ship product. Core Health Products will handle all of that for you.

Core Health Products has combined the best of all the affiliate programs into one premier program. We use a combination of three programs (a pay-per-sale program, a residual program and two-tier program). You are paid anywhere from 10-30% commission when a customer you referred purchases from your personalized Core Health Products website or linking from your own website. Our program has the additional benefit of lifetime commissions through the residual program. Once a customer orders from the site, that customer is forever your customer and you will earn commissions every time that customer orders products from Core Health Products. We also offer a 2nd tier program in which you make additional 5% commissions from affiliates that you personally refer.

Commissions earned in the calendar month are paid on the 15th of the following month when a minimum of $100 has been earned. To receive your check, a W-9 must be filled out and submitted to Core Health Products the month prior.

As an affiliate, you have multiple income streams with Core Health Products.

10% – 30% (depending on your monthly sales dollars) affiliate commissions on all orders placed on your personal Core Health Products website. Personal orders are not commissionable.
5% affiliate referral commissions (2nd tier) on all orders placed on personally referred affiliate websites.
  • Performance sales bonuses for top performing affiliates along with the potential to earn FREE customers.
  • In addition to your online business, you can also create income from wholesale to retail case ordering. Your earning potential could increase up to 50% for qualifying professionals.

Yes, because being a product of the product only increases your sales potential. Your only requirement is either a monthly auto-ship of 2 or more products OR a 1 time purchase of our Starter Pack.

We ask that all our affiliates who sell at a location stay within our online pricing of the product. Our company is based on honesty and integrity from the ingredients we select to the value of each product. All of our affiliates must hold true to these principles. Whenever Core Health Products runs a special, this is a great time to pass that savings onto your customer as well.

Qualifying commissionable sales are those that contain nutritional products sold at the retail/online price. Marketing and educational materials such as DVDs, cd’s and books do not qualify for commission. Wholesale case ordering only receives a flat 10% commission and does not qualify for monthly sales totals.

Yes, because being a product of the product only increases your sales potential. Your only requirement is either a monthly auto-ship of 2 or more products OR a 1 time purchase of our Success Starter Pack OR a case order.

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