Gut Brain Connection Broadcast

Featuring Shan Stratton

When we think of disease today what typically comes to mind is cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Seldom do we think about auto-immune diseases and especially neurological and mental health disorders but Hippocrates statement till holds true today,”All disease begins in the gut.” We are just now understanding the truths of that profound sentence!

Shan details the Gut Brain Connection in this Broadcast and highlights the following points:

  1. Current statistics regarding mental health disorders.
  2. What is the microbiome (gut bacteria) and what are its primary functions?
  3. Leaky gut, inflammation and its bio-markers that enter the bloodstream via the gut leading to poor brain function. Certain gut bacteria and its effects on healthy brain function.
  4. The relationship between the microbiome (gut bacteria), inflammation and mental health disorders like depression, anxiety/mood disorders, ADHD and autism.
  5. Things that make the gut go bad.
  6. Finally ways you can improve the gut that may lead to better brain health and/or a reduction in mental health symptoms.

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The Gut Brain Connection
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