Core Health Products is a culmination of over 75 years of nutritional expertise, product formulation, health education, and hands on experience with the end user in mind.

The entire product line is built on a core principle that “nutrient utilization is more important than just nutrient consumption”.

Core Health Products uses only the best and most natural whole food ingredients along with organics when available. You will never find synthetics or fractionated nutrients. Each and every ingredient has been carefully selected to fulfill a specific need with the most bio available delivery system for proper utilization. Your body deserves the best nutrition it can get, and that is precisely what the Core Health Products deliver!

Core Health Products

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511, 2015

Can’t Lose Weight? The Answer is in Your GUT!

When you look around society today, you realize that obesity has become a major epidemic. As a result, we have developed numerous things to address this phenomena with more diet pills, weight loss programs, different ways to workout, intestinal surgeries, and the list goes on and on. To be fair, lots of these options work, however, some are harmful to the body like diet pills, but overall, people do lose the weight they want and are happy with the results.

510, 2015

Answers for Infant Reflux & Colic

You may be joining the majority as statistics suggest 50 percent of infants are diagnosed with acid reflux in the first few months of life! That’s a staggering number and one that will continue to grow if gut health is not improved in our society.

2901, 2016

Cleanses, Constipation & Your Colon Health

Featuring Shan Stratton

Shan is speaking out. The dreaded C word! The topic no one wants to talk about…. EVER! Constipation. Did you know 1 out of 5 people deal with it daily? Learn the causes and the effects it has to your health. Discover the simple solutions that allowed Shan to have perfectly working internal pipes. Hear his personal story of overcoming digestive issues and how enzymes, probiotics and Kangen water transformed his GI tract. You don’t have to struggle in secret anymore! Don’t mask these issues with medication or laxatives- get to the root of it. Conquer constipation once […]

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Joint Health is the best natural anti-inflammatory and joint support product we have ever used. This product simply works!
Brett Fischer, Fischer Sports Therapy and Conditioning Clinic
From the first day I met you, I knew I had been introduced not only to a product that would completely revamp and change my life, but to a friend as well, who GENUINELY cares about the health of absolutely everyone in the world, from kids, adults, professional athletes & more. Your Core Health Products have done more for me than working out or eating right alone.
Ashley Dawn McTucker
Shan Stratton, Nutritionist to the Pro’s