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Media Madness: Fish Oil Supplements Cause Prostate Cancer!

"There's a lot to criticize in the music of Kenny G. For example, everything." I found that pretty amusing. This study? Not so much. There's nothing amusing about this study, and what the media has done with it is -- to paraphrase Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction -- "very (blank)-ing far from funny."

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Top US Brand of Children’s Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs, & Other Hazardous Chemicals

Top US Brand of Children's Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs, & Other Hazardous Chemicals

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The Diet-Heart Myth: Statins Don’t Save Lives in People Without Heart Disease

Statins have been hailed by many in the conventional medical establishment as wonder drugs, with some physicians going as far as suggesting they should be added to the water supply. (The doctor that made that particular suggestion is named John Reckless – I kid you not.) But are statins really the wonder drugs they’ve been made out to be?

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5 Amazing Benefits Of Gut Bacteria

The phrase "gut bacteria" might sound icky and repulsive, but modern science may have you soon thinking differently about the bugs that live in your intestinal system. Top researchers around the globe are exploring the bacteria that naturally reside in the bowels of both people and animals, and targeting them as potential missing links in preventing and treating conditions like obesity and diabetes. Check out these five recent discoveries about the amazing benefits of gut bugs:

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6 Tips for Healthy Joints

An Owner's Guide to Natural Joint Health By Cathleen London, MD Most of us probably do not think much about our knees, back, shoulders, and other joints until they become painful or stop working properly. Each season brings its own influx of injuries related to a different set of sports and outdoor activities.

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