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Cleanses, Constipation & Your Colon Health

Featuring Shan Stratton Shan is speaking out. The dreaded C word! The topic no one wants to talk about.... EVER! Constipation. Did you know 1 out of 5 people deal with it daily? Learn the causes and the effects it has to your health. Discover the simple solutions that allowed Shan to have perfectly working internal pipes. Hear his personal story of overcoming digestive issues and how enzymes, probiotics and Kangen water transformed his GI tract. You don't have to struggle in secret anymore! Don't mask these issues with medication or laxatives- get to the root of it. Conquer constipation once and for all!    

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Pros to Joes: What’s the Secret Sauce?

Featuring Shan Stratton Whether you're a stay at home mom chasing down toddlers or a professional athlete chasing down a quarterback, we ALL have the same struggles and health challenges regardless of our "fields". Want to know what athletes struggle with the most? You may be surprised at how similar it is to you! Listen and learn the simple solutions and techniques Shan teaches his athletes as we know it will help you as well.  

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Your Health Questions- Answered!

Featuring Shan Stratton Our most asked questions get answered by our favorite Health Expert, Shan! Where else can you get FREE advice without waiting on hold or paying an arm and a leg? Well, here of course!

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Can’t Lose Weight? The Answer is in Your GUT!

When you look around society today, you realize that obesity has become a major epidemic. As a result, we have developed numerous things to address this phenomena with more diet pills, weight loss programs, different ways to workout, intestinal surgeries, and the list goes on and on. To be fair, lots of these options work, however, some are harmful to the body like diet pills, but overall, people do lose the weight they want and are happy with the results.

By | November 5th, 2015|, |9 Comments