Health and Education Call

//Health and Education Call
710, 2016

Cancer Prevention Tips

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but did you realize all the pink products sold today actually contribute more to cancer? Statistics show that 50% of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime! So what you do today can either increase your changes of being diagnosed or decrease them. Watch as Shan breaks it down into simple preventive steps you can easily do to never hear the dreaded C word again. estrogen-blog

“Unfortunately, what very few people understand is that our daily environment is loaded with a myriad of toxic agents that are high in estrogen. These include pesticides, plastics, polystyrene, laundry and dishwashing detergents, perfumes, deodorants, hair sprays, vinyl, nail polish, PCB’s and dioxins from the burning of fossil fuels. The continual and accumulated exposure to these chemicals over time has led to an alarming rate of estrogen-based diseases such as endometriosis, fibroids, fibrocystic breasts, heavy or painful periods, erratic menstrual cycles, infertility, menstrual migraine headaches and, ultimately, cancers of the reproductive organs including the ovaries, uterus, cervix and breasts.” Continue reading HERE

909, 2016

Gut Brain Connection Broadcast

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Gut Brain Connection Banner

Featuring Shan Stratton

When we think of disease today what typically comes to mind is cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Seldom do we think about auto-immune diseases and especially neurological and mental health disorders but Hippocrates statement till holds true today,”All disease begins in the gut.” We are just now understanding the truths of that profound sentence!

Shan details the Gut Brain Connection in this Broadcast and highlights the following points:

  1. Current statistics regarding mental health disorders.
  2. What is the microbiome (gut bacteria) and what are its primary functions?
  3. Leaky gut, inflammation and its bio-markers that enter the bloodstream via the gut leading to poor brain function. Certain gut bacteria and its effects on healthy brain function.
  4. The relationship between the microbiome (gut bacteria), inflammation and mental health disorders like depression, anxiety/mood disorders, ADHD and autism.
  5. Things that make the gut go bad.
  6. Finally ways you can improve the gut that may lead to better brain health and/or a reduction in mental health symptoms.

Read the full blog HERE


1107, 2016

Re-fuel, Re-hydrate & Re-build FASTER

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Increasing performance by re-fueling, re-hydrating and re-building! We are ALL athletes on our own field of play. If you want more energy, more stamina, better endurance and better recovery, this is the Broadcast for you!



1706, 2016

Cholesterol Myths DEBUNKED

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Do you believe these sayings?

Cholesterol is BAD!  Saturated fat is DANGEROUS! High cholesterol equals heart disease and a shorter lifespan! Lowering cholesterol with Statin drugs will prolong your life. Sorry, you haven’t been told the TRUTH!
Shan debunks these Cholesterol Myths and more on this Broadcast. Discover how you’ve been sold a half truth from flawed data and now your health is at risk. If you or a loved one has struggled with cholesterol issues, you NEED to watch this informative, fact based Broadcast!


Read more about this topic Debunking the Cholesterol Theory in our blog!

606, 2016

Forget Counting Calories! Learn THIS

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Tired of counting calories and not seeing any improvement with your weight? Calories are only a unit of measure with a potential of energy. All nutrients in food have potential but if that potential is never utilized then how can it be burned? It all comes back to digestion! Discover how to increase your digestion and METABOLISM…..they go hand in hand!

3105, 2016

Top 5 Tips for Inflammation Prevention

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Inflammation is on the rise! Do you suffer from allergies, food intolerances, digestive disorders, brain fog, mood swings, depression or even GERD? All of these are inflammation related!

Learn the Top 5 Tips to Inflammation Prevention and how to turn that “inflammation switch” back to off and stop fanning the smoke and flames of chronic, systemic (whole body) inflammation. You’ll be amazed to learn how inflammation is at the root of so many illnesses we see today.

Discover the Tips on this Broadcast. It’s powerful information!



2005, 2016

Anxiety, Depression & the Inflammation Connection

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Suffer from anxiety or depression?

Have you heard the term “second brain”? It resides in an unlikely place but has a profound effect on regulating your mood and your digestion. It’s your GUT! Your gut and your brain are uniquely tied together and if either are inflamed, your health especially your mental health will suffer.

Discover the connection on this Broadcast. It’s powerful information!



1305, 2016

Addressing Neurological Inflammation- Naturally

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Featuring Shan Stratton

Stop fanning the flames of inflammation and address it-naturally!

We all suffer with inflammation from time to time. However, chronic inflammation especially neurological leads to devastating illnesses with no remedy or cure. Discover the best ways to treat it naturally and get to the root of inflammation once and for all!